Dive into Our Aesthetic with these exclusive designed Pick UP Mugs and Lounge Wear to help you celebrate your Magic while spreading a spirit of LOVE , FREEDOM and AUTHENTICITY into the world . This FP Signature Graphic Collection was created during Quarantine and it combines Poetry, Graphics and Philosophy with the hopes to heal our current World through the Spread of LOve and positive Energies. 

Welcome Lovebirds to the FEMME PROGRESSIVE style and lifestyle brand where we enjoy working with you to define and celebrate your most unique and authentic beauty in full Confidence and Effortless Elegance !! 


 Exclusively designed  FEMME PROGRESSIVE  Face Masks for Covid 19 Protection. 100 % printed cotton masks built fused and double sided with pocket and complimentary filter . Execpt for the The Signature Mask, The Times Mask , the Leather like and the Black Masks which are made of Filtering Material.


Dive into the Aesthetic with this Carefully Curated Collection of Earrings , Bracelets and Ring Sets to Complement your FEMME PROGRESSIVE looks. Style and Lifestyle Elements provided to you by the Femme Progressive Brand .


Dive into the Aesthetic and Brighten up the spirit in your home while on quarantine this Holiday season with these beautifully designed  FEMME PROGRESSIVE  Signature Home Essentials Throw Pillows .This Collection consists of 100 % cotton Canvas Decorative throw Pillows and 100 % silk anti-bacteria Bedding Pillow cases.

For your Home Decor and Interior Design Assistance after your purchase , you can get in touch with our partners, published and professional Interior Designer Ms. Minetta Archer (312 502 2199)


FEMME PROGRESSIVE  Signature Home Essentials. Dive into the Aesthetic with this Exclusively curated  collection of fresh Indoor and Outdoor plants delivered directly to your Door within just 3 to 5 days.